November 13, 2008

One Million

Again I have to point out, that these figures are done some years ago, when I started my template drawing. But even though I am not very content about them, I wanted to show them, as I won't revise them in the next few months.
Hope, you don't regard them as too terrible ;-)
One Million AquamanOne Million AtomOne Million Wonder WomanOne Million Superman
Aquaman, Atom, Wonder Woman, Superman

Golden Superman, Hawk Squadron Warrior, Hawkman

Flash, Hourman, Batman

Auquaman, Atom and Hourman have been drawn with the same template.
The two Hawkmen haven't been created by templates - at that time I took them over directly from a One Million book.
A revised One Million Flash I had posted already previously here.


Anonymous said...


I am totally saving your site to FAVOURITES!

Can I see
Kingdom Come:
cuddly Ambassador Donna Troy, Armoured WW, Power Woman, Big Barda, Lady Marvel.

Doom Patrol:
Celsius red black suit- gold trim
Celsius Black suit- gold neck piece
Celsius- red white outfit.

Boyblue's DC Universe said...

Thank you very much for your nice comment!
I hope to make those requested figures from Kingdom Come. But unfortunately I'm pretty slow... ;-)