June 20, 2012

Blackest Night

Some characters from the hit series Blackest Night
Blackest Night Star Sapphire  Wonder WomanFlash aka Barry Allen as a member of Blue Lantern CorpsBlackest Night Guy Gardner Red Lantern CorpsBild
Star Sapphire
Wonder Woman
Blue Lantern
Red Lantern
Guy Gardner
Text 4
Blackest Night Wonder WomanBlack Lantern Hawk Hank Hall(Blackest Night 2009)Hawk (Holly Granger) as Black LanternTroia Black Lantern Donna Troy
Black Lantern
Wonder Woman
Black Lantern Hawk
Hank Hall
Black Lantern Hawk
Holly Granger
Black Lantern

Blackest Night dead Hawkgirl as a Black LanternBlackest Night dead Hawkman as Black Lantern

Black Lantern Hawkgirl
Kendra Saunders
Black Lantern Hawkman
Carter Hall

Black Lantern AquamanMartian Manhunter Blackest Night
Black Lantern Aquaman
Arthur Curry/Orin
Black Lantern Deathstorm
Ronnie Raymond
Black Lantern Martian Manhunter

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