March 26, 2011

White Lanterns

White Lantern Hawk Hank Hall(Brightest Day 2010)White Lantern HawkmanDonna Troy Troia as White Lantern from DC Comics Blackest Nightddd
White Lantern Hawk
Brightest Day 2010
White Lantern Hawkman
Brightest Day 2010
White Lantern
Donna Troy
Blackest Night 2010
Text 4

Aquaman Brightest DayFlash aka Barry Allen as a member of the White Lantern CorpscccBrightest Day Firestorm White Lantern
White Lantern

Brightest Day 2010
White Lantern Flash
Blackest Night 2010
Text 3White Lantern Firestorm
Brightest Day 2010


Dene said...

I love these-!

In fact, I am so excited that Jade's back, too. I've always loved her-! And I hope she will ultimately lead the White Lanterns - and not Deadman.
That's my prediction-!

Boyblue's DC Universe said...

Well, today we've learned how Brightest Day ended. Honestly I'm very disappointed about the last two issues. But nevertheless I will treasure the other 22 Brightest Day books. ;-)