August 5, 2022

The New Teen Titans: The Return of Trigon

 According to the story in New Teen Titans vol. 2 #1-#5:
Lilith, Jericho, Arella, Raven, Trigon
Wonder Girl, Nightwing, Starfire, Cyborg, Changeling, Kid Flash

June 11, 2022

Justice Society and Infinity Inc. - The Legacy on Earth-2


1st row: Power Girl, Superman (Kal-L), Northwind, Hawkman (Carter Hall), Silver Scarab, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Jade, Obsidian, Wildcat (Yolanda Montez), Wildcat (Ted Grant)
2nd row: Nuklon, Atom (Al Pratt), Wonder Woman, Fury, Huntress, Batman, Doctor Mid-Nite (Charles McNider), Doctor Mid-Nite (Beth Chapel), Star-Spangled Kid, Starman, Hourman (Rick Tyler), Hourman (Rex Tyler)  

January 26, 2022

Legion of Substitute Heroes 1966

The first appearance of this group was in Adventure Comics #306 (1963). Color Kid joined in Adventure Comics #351 (1966).

top row: Polar Boy, Night Girl, Chlorophyll Kid
bottom row: Stone Boy, Fire Lad, Color Kid

January 18, 2022

Legion Academy

The Legion Academy from Superboy #240 (1978):
Laurel Kent, Power Boy, Shadow Kid, Dawnstar.


January 4, 2022

Stone Boy and Chlorophyll Kid

Two members of the Legion of Substitute-Heroes in the Pre-Crisis era:
Stone Boy (Dag Wentim) and Chlorophyll Kid ( Ral Benem)

December 11, 2021

Kingdom Come

Hawkman, Power Woman, Flash IV, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman

The Ray II, Flash, Wonder Woman in armour, Green Lantern, Captain Atom, Starman VIII

November 30, 2021

Night Girl

 Lydda Jath from the Legion of Substitute Heroes and later on from the Legion of Super-Heroes.

November 10, 2021

Young All-Stars

The Young All-Stars Flying Fox, Fury, Dan the Dyna-Mite, Iron Munro, Tigress, Tsunami, Neptune Perkins

September 23, 2021

Doom Patrol - The Pre-Crisis Era

The Doom Patrol that appeared first in My Greatest Adventure #80 (1963)
Negative Man, Robotman, Chief, Elasti-Girl  

 New outfits and new members:
Negative Man, Mento, Robotman, Chief, Elasti-Girl, Beast Boy

The new Doom Patrol that appeared first in Showcase #94 (1977)
Tempest, Robotman, Negative Woman, Celsius

August 28, 2021

Justice League of America (The Detroit Era)

row 1: Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, Elongated Man, Aquaman
row 2: Vixen, Vibe, Gypsy, Steel

row 1: Batman, Elongated Man, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter
row 2: Vixen, Vibe, Gypsy, Steel

June 17, 2021

Mal Duncan

Mal Duncan of the 1970s' Teen Titans as Guardian and as Hornblower.
Though I have a weak spot for costumes that a majority of the comic community dislikes, I have to confess, that the last one in the row is really a bit too much. Still I'm glad, that it existed, as it adds variety and fun!  

Seven Soldiers of Victory

The Seven Soldiers Of Victory from the Pre-Crisis era:
Stripesy, Star-Spangled Kid, Crimson Avenger, Shining Knight, Speedy, Green Arrow, Vigilante

May 9, 2021

All-Star Squadron (Who's Who 1987)

 The All-Star Squadron according to Who's Who Update #1 from August 1987.

row 1: Starman, Flying Fox, Fury, Flash, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Sandy, the Golden Boy, Sandman, Manhunter II, Atom, Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Wildcat, Spectre

row 2: Tarantula, Doll Man, Plastic Man, Amazing Man, Hourman, Star-Spangled Kid, Stripesy, Robotman I, Commander Steel, Human Bomb, Jester, Manhunter I, Dyna-Mite, TNT, Doctor Occult

row 3: Midnight, Shining Knight, Red Bee, Ray, Doctor Mid-Nite, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, Firebrand II, Wing, Crimson Avenger, Zatara, Judomaster, Tiger, Captain Triumph, Phantom Lady

row 4: Whip, Sargon, Guardian, Uncle Sam, Mister Terrific, "Iron" Munro, Air Wave I, Neptune Perkins, Tsunami, Doctor Fate, Green Lantern I, Tigress, Black Condor, Mister America, Vigilante I  

April 25, 2021


 Mari McCabe as Vixen in three outfits.

Left: First appearance in Action Comics #521 (1981).

Middle: Look when she joined the Justice League of America in the so-called Detroit era. 

Right: When she became a member again of the Justice League in 2006.