May 17, 2014

Collection Pictures II

Bat-Women from 1970s (click to enlarge)

Bat-Women from 2000s (click to enlarge)

Sandman (click to enlarge)

Hourman (click to enlarge)
DC Comics, Firestorm, DC Universe, Ronnie Raymond, Jason Rusch, Martin Stein

Firestorm (click to enlarge)
Justice League of America 1970's satellite era 1980's, Nix Uotan
Justice League of America (Satellite Era, 1970s/1980s)

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl
Supergirl, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl

Phantom Girl (click to enlarge)
Saturn Girl (click to enlarge)

Cosmic Boy (click to enlarge)
evolution of Mon-el costumes and looks
Mon-el (click to enlarge)
Robins (click to enlarge)

1970's Gotham Girls (click to enlarge)
Supergirls (click to enlarge)

Donna Troy / Troia (click to enlarge)

Wonder Woman / Diana (click to enlarge)

Crime Syndicate of America Pre-Crisis
 Crime Syndicate / Pre-Crisis (click to enlarge)

Crime Syndicate of Amerika Grant Morrison Earth 2

Crime Synicate / Earth 2 (click to enlarge)


James Kiester said...

I like that you put the classic version front & center; it's how I always think of Aquaman.

Boyblue's DC Universe said...

Yes, you are so right! :-) And that version was the longest runnign from the 40s to the 80s.
Actually I like a lot when the figures get through certain stages of looks. But the versions from the 70s/early 80s are to me the most iconic ones.

sarah lee said...

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