August 8, 2001

Creating the Characters by using Templates

1. Print Out

I'm printing out the templates in a light blue.
Several images can be put next to each other.

2. Drawing Details

On the printed templates I am drawing the details of each figure.
First with a pencil, then with a black or red pen.

3. Scanning & Colour Erasing

The drawing is scanned and the white parts are
marked by a colour mask and are erased.
I use different layers:
Layer 1 with the original template,
layer 2 for the scan with hand-drawn details
I can adjust layer 2 according to the blue
outline onto the template of layer 1.
Now the blue parts on layer 2 can be erased.
Finally the different grey and black shaded
pixels are all coloured to 100% black.

4. Colouring
The fillings are done on a third layer.
5. Shading
Same about shading:
new layer with a certain translucency.
I usually use different layers
for shading on black and other
(e.g. dark blue shade on black /
black lucent shade on purple /
light blue shade on white)

6. Scaling Down
Before uploading the picture to this
blog I resize it to approx. 10%

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