August 10, 2017


The history of the batsuitBatman suits and costumes over the years Batsuit
Batman as a Green Lantern for a few panels in Green Lantern #9 [2006]
Batman as a Yellow Latnern for a few panels in Forever Evil #4 [2014]
Dick Grayson has been Btman already in the 1990s. But there were no changes about the costume look.

costumes of Azrael as Batman /suits


James Kiester said...

70s style's my favorite. Have you done Micheal Keaton's version?

Boyblue's DC Universe said...

No, I intend to do a lot of other versions and variants. But no movie costumes. Animated maybe, as they've been added to one of the 52 earths now. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You forgot the chin piece on the new 52 Batsuit. But other then that everything else is absolutely amazing.

Boyblue's DC Universe said...

Thank you very much! :-). But actually I just checked the first issues of Batman or Dark Knight or Detective - I can't see any chin piece. For example:

Tony Newton said...

Dude thats some epic work... very cool! Cant wait tonsee your history of the flashes... green lanterns... etc

Tony Newton said...

Ooo... u should totally do the main big guns in every multiversal iteration from the 52 earths... does that include 52 dark universes now too?